Custom Order

Custom Order

Don't see anything in our shop you fancy? Have any special requests? No problem! We will be happy to make the perfect set of mouse ears for you!


At the moment we have three variations for a customised order, they are: Standard Design, Special Design and Deluxe Design. Here are the differences:


Standard Design – These are our regular Mouse Ears made with fabric that will have a character print of your choosing on there. We do already offer a range of different ears in the style of our standard design, however, if you want something that is not already on our shop, please contact us. 


Special Design – This is a design that has something slightly different to our standard design, whether it be a sequined bow, or a name embroidered on the back. If there is something slightly fancy that you would like to add to our existing ears or if you have something fancier in mind, please contact us!


Deluxe Design – A completely customised design that make the mouse ears unique to you! Made from sequined or sparkly fabric to make them just a little bit more special to you!


Hopefully this will help you when deciding what you would like to order, but if you are still unsure, please contact us for more information! 


Custom orders may take slightly longer to arrive than our other designs. We will contact you with an exact time frame, however please be advised that they can take up to 6 weeks.


  • Returns Policy

    We do not offer returns on this item, however if there is something wrong with your order, please contact us!

  • Care Instructions

    We make our ears with care and do out best to reinforce them, but unfortunately they are not indestructible! Please avoid getting your mouse ears wet and take care when packing them to travel!